This is a Milestone Reached

This website has just hit a hundred articles. In essence, this translates to more than 100,000 words at an average rate of 1,000 words per article.

This is a personal achievement for me. Thank God for the grace and inspiration to write.

I can only ask for more grace and inspiration to write even much much better articles.

Thank you also for following me on my journey this far, we are in it together. 

I have never written this many articles in my life.  This is truly a milestone to be celebrated.

I also pray and hope that these articles have been and will continue to be of great help to you the readers.

I believe that we can help change the world for the better. A journey of one thousand miles starts with one step in the right direction.

I have personally endeavoured to take that step and I know that it is the right one.

My pledge is to have this site grow to be one of the most preferred destinations for people seeking personal growth, personal development, spiritual growth, and encouragement.

There are other areas that I will be writing about in due course as outlined on the home page.

For now, I just thought of sharing this happy moment with my readers.

What’s Coming in the Next Few Weeks?

I have been doing some work in the background on how best to host podcasts.

I am in the process of introducing a podcast section for some of the articles. I hope that this will also open up the possibility to record podcasts with different personalities.

Am always looking for ways to improve both the general outlook of the website and the quality of the articles.

I want to make it as user friendly as possible. I also want it to be a very simple website.

You will notice that there are few tweaks here and there, this is just to correct some errors and improve on the general outlook.

If you feel that there is anything that needs my attention please feel free to contact me in the about section.

I have noticed that ever since the blog carnival website was pulled down there have not been many platforms that host personal development carnivals.

I intend to start hosting one in the coming weeks. The submission requests page will be uploaded soon.

I will be asking for only a link back to successfully hosted sites. I hope these services will be greatly appreciated by the community.

These are some of the major changes that will take place on this site. Thank you again for your continued readership and support.

Bye and remember to always “standout tall and be counted.