Personal Development

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Responsible For Your Life

Taking responsibility is acknowledging that you are taking control of your life, it is telling your friends and the world that you are in charge and not your spouse, father, mother or any one else.

Motivational Quotes

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – Serenity Prayer.

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” – Frank Outlaw.

“There are no secrets to success it is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future” – John F. Kennedy.



Life is what you make of it. If you make it happy you will enjoy happiness. If you make it boring you will definitely be bored; make it positive and you will live a positive life. You take out of life, what you give it, nothing less and nothing more.

In other words, you are responsible for your own life. You are responsible for creating the life that you want. You can chart the course of your life. No one has the right to prescribe what your life should be or look like, without your permission. This is your birthright and your responsibility.

Quit blaming people for what you do not have or have not achieved and start doing something about it. If you are miserable you are solely responsible for ensuring that you change it.

In the first place, you must realise that you are the one who got yourself where you are, based on the decisions and choices you have made.

This is what many people do not realise, that it is everyone’s responsibility to make decisions that will help chart their own lives.

Instead, they wait for someone to come and make decisions for them and they end up waiting for eternity or continue living a life that is controlled by other people.

Do you realise that every decision you make has an immediate or future influence on your life? Your life is made of the small decisions and choices you make every day.

That is why it is important to the make right decisions and choices that have a lasting and positive influence on your life.

As human beings, we have a tendency of turning a blind eye to facing the reality of making those tough decisions and choices. Especially, if the decisions will lead to some temporal setbacks. This is a bad habit that must be broken.

If you do not make the decision to resolve certain problems, they have a way of showing up in the future. It could just be the reason why certain things are going wrong in your life. Have the courage to make decisions and learn to live with the consequences.

Do not shy away from making those uncomfortable hard decisions that could make or break your life. Do not allow people to take away your responsibility for your own life.

Take Control of Your Destiny

The results of being responsible for your life are many. When you are in control of your life, you also control your destiny. You decide what is good for you and what is not good for you.

You decide what your life should look like, what direction it should take and what it should be. In other words, you are the captain of your life.

Yes, sometimes things will not go accordingly, but you will be absolutely pleased that you are responsible for everything that happens to your life because you made the decisions and choices yourself. The other thing you will take away is that you will have no one, but you to blame.

Instead, you will find solutions to fix your current inadequacies and correct the situation. Equally, when you succeed you will take all the credit.

Well, you know how it feels to be credited with success. This is what makes life worth living for, the ability to make adjustments and decisions that help propel your life forward.

It doesn’t mean that things will be easy when you are in control, No. But it motivates you to do even more things that make you happy. You set your own goals and move at your own pace.

Experience Personal Freedom

Every good thing comes with a responsibility. Being responsible is a requisite for personal freedom. Its an expression of personal freedom and signifies maturity. It is a good measure to use as a self-check to achieving personal development and self-improvement.

My son was learning about his rights as a child at school. One day when he came back home from school he was very excited to tell me about his rights, I asked him to list them down one by one.

What I noticed is that he was not told by the teacher that to every right there is a responsibility. He was only told one side of the story.

I got his list and also wrote down the responsibilities that go with the rights he had listed down. It then dawned on him that to every right he has, there is also a requirement to take responsibility in order to enjoy the rightfully.

I think that is the way life should be. Personal freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. If you want to enjoy the freedom you must take responsibility for it.

We must ensure that we put in place things that will propel our freedom without infringing on other people’s freedoms. We must learn to coexist as human beings.


Accountability is “responsibility to someone or for some activity.” If you are married you are responsible and accountable to your spouse. Yes, it is your responsibility to be accountable. I know that most men do not want to be accountable to their wives. But it is our responsibility and duty to do that.

I believe that we are all accountable to one another not only our spouses but to the community at large. How we live our lives is a reflection of how accountable we are.

How then, can you be accountable if you are not in charge of your own life. I am a Christian and believe that one day God will ask us to give an account for our lives.

Being accountable is being responsible. If you work for an Audit or Law firm you are taught to account for your time by way of filling in a timesheet on a regular basis.

You have to be in control of your time because every minute you spend on a file is charged to the client. This is just one way of asking you to be responsible with your time. You do not want to overcharge a client and you also want to give the best advice or service possible.

A Sense of Belonging

You feel a sense of appreciation when you are contributing to a just cause. You can only contribute more when you are in control of yourself. Those who are totally in charge of their lives contribute more positively to society than those who are not in control of themselves.

As you may well know, that human beings are social by nature. Belonging is the feeling of security and support when there is a sense of acceptance, inclusion and identity for a member of a certain group. We all strive to be accepted socially because that is in our nature.

Creating genuine feelings of belonging is a critical factor in improving engagement and performance. You should not force your acceptance to a group by giving up your responsibility for your life. You have the power and will to choose what type of relationships to belong to.

It Is Your Duty

Your life is your responsibility. It is your duty to look after it and do what you feel is right with it. At the end of the day, it is you who will be answerable for it to your creator. You will stand in the “dock” and be answerable for how you spent it. What you did with it.

Taking responsibility is acknowledging that you are taking control of your life, it is telling your friends and the world that you are in charge and not your spouse, father, mother, or anyone else.

It brings out the best in you. It is your duty and your birthright to be in charge of yourself.


One of the most important aspects of taking responsibility for your life is that you will live your life according to your will. No one will live it for you and everything you accomplish will be dully credited to you.

No one will take away the joy you and the happiness you will experience. Make sure you are responsible for your life.