Your Attitude and Self Application Determines Your Success

We all want to be successful. Don’t we? If you are an ambitious person, am confident that you are determined to achieve your success; that you are working round the clock to achieving your success.

But being successful is not an easy fit. Because if it was, everyone one of us would have achieved our success.

The world would have been a totally different place than it is today. It would have been teeming with successful people. I can only imagine what it would have been like.

There are so many theories and formulas on how to become successful. Well,  I have not found an answer that is a one-size-fits-all.

However, reading and researching on the subject has helped me realise that there is no short cut and substitute for hard work and self-application.

Yes, you may have the desire; and that is very important; you may have the best tools at your disposal, but without the correct mental attitude and without taking action.

Believe me, you will not achieve your success. Why? Because you will not have taken action. It is taking action that is very important.

To achieve your success, you need to have the right mental attitude; you need to apply yourself because along the way you will be met with temporal setbacks.

Things will not always go according to your expectations or plans. You will fall down and your attitude towards these temporal failures will largely determine how well you will achieve your success.

Your tenacity and willingness to learn from your mistakes; to know when to make adjustments; to take corrective measures where necessary will surely give you an advantage as you pursue your success. You will learn that to achieve your success you will need to be a good leader of yourself. One who knows when to make drastic changes.

If you don’t apply your self you are certainly headed for failure. Sometimes, when we are faced with challenges, we always look for the easy way out.

There are times I have felt like am dreaming and hope that when I wake up, boom the problems would have disappeared.

But guess what, if you do not attend to the challenges you encounter they are surely doing more damage and will surface back to haunt you.

I know for sure, that some challenges we face can be difficult to handle, but that does not mean you should turn a blind eye to them. Wake up from your slumber and face them head-on.

Keep Your Faith and Hopes Alive

The bible says “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” When feeling frustrated because of your inability to achieve your goals, there is no need to lose faith and hope. Never lose your faith and hope when faced with frustrations.

Frustrations are a part of life. They are part of the learning process. It is very important to continue persisting and keep your faith and hopes alive. Focus on the bigger picture.

Develop a mental attitude that will motivate you to achieve your goals.

The frustrations and challenges we go through are merely a way of building us up.

They help prepare us to handle even bigger responsibilities. You should know that being successful comes with responsibilities.

The more successful you are, the more responsibilities you carry on your shoulders.

Keep in mind the joy, feeling and benefits that accrue with accomplishing your success.

I know that it is not easy to keep focused when things are not going your way. But this is the time when we should exercise our faith and hope in God Almighty.

The Bible encourages us to put our plans in God’s hands. Believe me, he is faithful to those who are faithful to him.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is having faith without works. Yes, it is good to have faith, but the bible says that “faith without works is dead.” Faith alone cannot save you.

You need to take action on your faith to produce results. To achieve your success you need to take action on your faith.

How then do you develop this faith? Well, the bible says “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” The preceding statement is very loud and clear. You cannot develop faith without hearing about it.

Now, with so many tools at our disposal, we have no excuse to not have heard about the word of God.

The Bible is a source of inspiration for me. I encourage you to develop a habit of spending time reading and practicing the word of God.

Do Not be Afraid of Your Failures

“Failure is blindness to the strategic element in events; success is readiness for instant action when the opportune moment arrives” so says Newell D. Hillis. “Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go” – William Feather.

If you want to be successful you should not be afraid of failing. Failure is synonymous with success.

Those who have succeeded have failed before. The more you fail the greater the chance of success. Well, you may not agree with all these statements.

But the truth of the matter is you will never succeed without failure. So you might as well get used to the fact that being afraid will only prolong or indeed deter you from your success. Get over with being afraid of the unknown.

It is time for you to put your plans to action; to begin to realise those dreams. The more you act on your plans the more fearless you become.

Sometimes I feel fear is just a state of mind or rather laziness. Yes, laziness. I believe that it is better to die trying than not to try at all. “I failed my way to success” – Thomas Edison.


How far you go in life is largely determined by how far you are willing to go. In other words, you determine the level of your success by the actions you take.

I found this article on how to increase your success chances very helpful check it out. Unit next time remember that “your action and self-application determines your success.”