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The 5 Benefits of Doing Right

Motivational Quotes

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – Serenity Prayer.

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” – Frank Outlaw.

“There are no secrets to success it is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future” – John F. Kennedy.



Life demands that we grow, that we move from one point to another, and so on. In this vein, we are expected to carry on with life in a manner that is acceptable.

“There is not less wit, not less invention, in applying rightly a thought one finds in a book, than in being the first author of that book.”  Pierre Boyle.

In a manner that edifies the people that we come into contact with. As this ought to be the right thing to do.

God expects each one of us to play our part in helping to make this world a better place than we found it. We owe it to ourselves and to future generations to ensure that everything we do is done right and for the benefit of humankind.

Doing right is not a sign of weakness, it is however a sign of maturity and responsibility. It’s only mature and responsible people that are always doing what is right.

Doing the right things in every situation has many benefits. Here are the five benefits that are associated with doing things right.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Doing the right thing gives you peace of mind. When you are on the right side of the law you are at peace with yourself.

You go to sleep knowing that all is well with you. Knowing that you do not expect the unexpected.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than going to bed with an unsettled mind. You see everything you do has a way of catching up with you.

What goes around comes around. You cheat on your taxes and you end up paying more when caught.

Those that acquire property dubiously are not free to enjoy their wealth. They are always expecting the law enforcement agencies to visit them.

Wealth, that is acquired genuinely is better than that which is questionable. If you are a sane person who has a conscience, I am sure that when you are alone you acknowledge your wrongdoing.

You are Trustworthy

If you are in business you should understand better what being trustworthy is. You can easily lose business if you are not trusted. People want to deal with people they can trust.

Developing trust takes time and is usually the difference between getting a new client and losing one, especially in this competitive world where maintaining clients is more important for repeat business.

Being trustworthy can open up many other opportunities. If people can trust you to deliver a quality service they pass on words of recommendation to others. Of course, this entails more business for you.

Look, you cannot deny the fact that you are more comfortable dealing with a person you know is trustworthy especially with sensitive matters.

Trust is also the basis for good personal relationships. The more trusted you are, the better your relationships with other people.

The better relationships you have the more opportunities and recommendations you receive. Let’s be honest, we all want to be associated with trustworthy people.

Trust is earned by your deeds and it takes time to build credibility. Try your level best to build a good reputation and endeavour to maintain it.

You are Respected

Doing the right things earns you respect. People will always respect a person who is morally upright. This is a person who is truthful and honest.

If you cannot manage to help out it does not hurt, to be honest, and excuse yourself. Do not make commitments when you know you will be unavailable.

You earn more respect for being honest than wasting people’s time.

To be respected you need to be of good character. Let your no be no and your yes be yes. If you promise that you will deliver at a particular time, ensure you keep the promise. If you cannot meet your target, communicate in good time.

I know that sometimes, it does not look cool to do the right thing. People may perceive you to be old-fashioned and even call you names, but just do it anyway. Posterity will judge you.

Know that whatever you do on earth echoes in eternity. Your life is a reflection of your beliefs. You will be remembered for what you did on earth when your curtain of life comes down.

You Create an Opportunity for Others

Being an upright person creates opportunities for other people. One of the reasons why we do not get opportunities is because the people who were there before did not do the right things.

Equally, opportunities come because the people who were in front laid a good foundation for you and l. If you are given an opportunity to lay a foundation please ensure that you do a better job so the generations to come can benefit as well.

Many of the time people do not think about the next generation and end up closing the door for everyone because of not doing the right things.

I was working in an institution where we had many credit facilities with retail outlets. We could go and get stuff without paying immediately. This went on very well for some time.

But then people began to abuse the facilities by not paying on time and some even skipped payments altogether. In the end, the facilities were canceled because of the abuse of a few individuals.

This meant that those who came after us could not enjoy the facilities only because a few people did not think about the future.

There are many examples out there of situations where facilities are canceled because of abuse by a few individuals. Unfortunately, this is very common in many African countries.

Helps Improve Society

Society benefits from one act of goodness. If we have to change the world we need to do more good things.

Imagine what the world would be if we all committed to being of good character? We could end all these unnecessary fighting and petty squabbles.


We all have a part to play in this world. Our diversity as a human species is what makes us stronger. If we could all commit to being of good character the world would be a better place. Play your part and leave the rest to God.