Keeping Track of Your Achievements

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive” ~ Harold Whitman.

Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

Positive life changes come to those who show dedication and discipline towards their purpose. Making the decision to change your mind is a step in the right direction.

Every achievement has its own seed in the mind and can only be realized by deliberate planning and execution.

To get to the level of success that one aspires to, one must focus only on the positive things.

The ability to stay motivated is the key ingredient to turning the tables on one’s wheels’ fortune.

One of the most interesting contributing factors to maintaining high positive motivation levels is always to be able to physically see and acknowledge the progress and achievements you have made.

I usually take stock of my achievements on a quarterly basis broken down weekly and monthly. Some people do it on an annual basis others do it monthly.

Keeping track of your achievements is perhaps be the best motivating factor of all because the satisfaction gained from a successfully completed project has no limits.

Keeping Track

Thus being able to keep track of one’s achievements is very important and here are popular ways that are commonly used for this purpose.

At the beginning of most well-thought-out projects, there is usually a good and reliable strategic plan in place be it marketing, business, or personal development.

This usually works as a checks and balances formula to ensure everything stays on track. If it is a long-term project a periodical review is the prudent way of monitoring progress.

Even when the project is successfully completed it is always prudent to draw up a summary of or things covering the details of the major aspects of the project and its contributions to the final outcome, making sure to quantify as many aspects as possible.

Compiling a folder of positive acknowledgments for the job well done is also another way to be able to track your achievements.

This of course is not only valuable for future endeavors of the individual but also serves as a motivating factor.

Serving as both testimonials and references, these acknowledgments can also be used to build up an impressive portfolio for the individual from the expertise angle.

It is always gratifying and satisfying to look at past projects that you have achieved with distinction.

I must say that you should also not forget to look at the under achievements in your project. These can be used as learning lessons.

Participating in as many high-profile external activities, company boards, internal committees, representations, and other platforms that create the necessary experience and exposure is also recommended.

After which keeping a well-documented and monitored chart of the said activities to be used as a tracking element is also helpful in encouraging you to keep a positive mindset.

These achievements tracking helps to further project the extensive capabilities of the individual with the intention of creating an impressive portfolio.

Knowledge goes hand in hand with success. We have to learn from what we hear and see.

If we surround ourselves with a positive and enriching environment, we accelerate our personal development process.

Therefore, reading empowering books, watching motivational videos, and attending seminars on personal development is the way to go.


Amazingly, we already have gathered immense knowledge in our journey of life. Sometimes when we search within ourselves we may find inspirational thoughts from the wealth of our experiences.

Instead of tucking away this knowledge, why not write about them to inspire others. One might just find it extremely rewarding to put down one’s inspirational thoughts in an ebook. Bye for now and remember to “standout tall and be counted.”