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5 Ways to Improve Your Confidence

To attain personal mastery and confidence, it is important to believe in yourself. It is also important to be content with yourself.

Motivational Quotes

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – Serenity Prayer.

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” – Frank Outlaw.

“There are no secrets to success it is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future” – John F. Kennedy.



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Self-confidence is something that people find difficult to have. There are people who have low self-confidence and it influences the way they see themselves and their performance.

Contrary to what most people think, self-confidence is not something that only the gifted and blessed could have it is available to all.

With the help of personal mastery, individuals could now start building on their self-confidence.

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face” Eleanor Roosevelt.

Self-confidence is a requisite to personal development. Having an improved self-confidence can really improve your general work output.

Personal mastery is about self-development and self-improvement. It is about loving yourself and accepting yourself as you are.

You need to acknowledge your weaknesses and at the same time strengthen them. To improve your self-confidence it is important to know and accept your weaknesses.

I believe that identifying your weaknesses is the first step to personal improvement. Many of the time we like to ignore our weaknesses and concentrate mainly on perfecting our strengths.

I have written down my weaknesses and strengths and keep reviewing them time and again. I have found this very helpful and would recommend it to anyone.

To attain personal mastery and confidence, it is important to believe in yourself. It is also important to be content with yourself.

Self-belief and contentment leads to building a solid self-confidence. It is very difficult to achieve personal development without being content with yourself.

To develop self-confidence, self-acceptance should occur.  Self-acceptance is about accepting not only the good things in life but also the failures in life.

Failure is only failure if accepted. You must always treat failure as a learning curve.

When you fail the first time re-organise yourself, analyse your failure and move on. Do not stop at failure.

And now the suggested five ways to help you improve your self-confidence

Understand Your Thoughts and Emotions

Many of us find it very difficult to understand our thoughts and emotions, yet understanding these can unlock huge potential for improving self-confidence.

Forgetting about a bad habit or behaviour would make us more aware of our thoughts and emotions.

By becoming aware of our emotions and behaviour, then we will be able to overcome and correct our behaviour.

Behavioural control and correction are some of the key important elements to improving self-confidence.

I have noticed that a lack of confidence is mainly our negative behaviour and most of the time we are very aware of it.

It is very rare that if you put on your positive behaviour you will experience low self-confidence.

Understanding your emotions is very critical. Your emotions will usually dictate your mood.

It is therefore important that we always try to replace our negative emotions with good ones.

A few practical ways to know your emotions is to observe and write down the feelings and emotions you experience; observe and or write down the preceding events and duration of your emotions.

I have noticed that with time my emotions are largely affected by my thoughts. Hence I always try to keep my thoughts positive.

By knowing the root cause for your emotions you can learn to take control of them.

Flee from sorrowful emotions and make the decision to improve your mood. You deserve to be happy.


Self-discipline is perhaps the number one factor for self-growth. Without discipline very little can be achieved in life.

I have not come across a successful person who is indisciplined. When we set our goals on achieving our intended purposes in life, discipline and focus is what keeps us from swaying away from them.

We graduate with flying colours from school because we are disciplined to study and work hard.

Changing attitude and behaviour, or even perspective might take a while.

Change does not happen overnight. You need to gather enough knowledge and start learning and practicing the skills that you would like to improve and develop.

To do this you need to be disciplined. This is an essential ingredient that is found wanting in many of us.

Discipline comes through self-control. This means that one must control negative qualities.

Have a Clear Vision

To be able to move forward with your life, it is important to have clarity. Have your life’s purpose written down.

Seeing what you want to have in a clearer image would encourage you to work for it. That is why it is important that you write down your intended purpose in life and read it every day.

I would encourage you to read it every night. I read almost mine every night before going to sleep.

Having a defined purpose in life acts as a guide and motivation for living.

I know that most of us live by the day. If you do not have a defined purpose and vision for yourself, I encourage you to think about formulating one immediately.

At first, your vision might not be as clear as you might want it to be, but just start working on it.

You will begin to see a clearer picture of your destination as you take action to achieve your destiny.

You will be amazed at how much self-confidence you can have just by writing down your intended purpose in life.

You Have a Choice

You can choose what you want to experience. Doing something important for you and something you love, would give you enough confidence to continue with what you have started.

The beauty of being human is that God gave us a choice. You have the will to choose whatever you want to be.

You can choose to be confident or not. We are made up of the choices we make in life.

If you take a look at yourself you will realize that you are where you are because of the choices you have previously made.

It is therefore wise to make choices that are self-building. I know that some choices are difficult to make but, remember that, choices are there to be made and they have to be made.

You have a choice and the choice is yours. Bear in mind that the choices we make today have a direct effect on our tomorrow.

We are continuously shaping our future by the choices we are making today.

Commitment and Trusting

To be able to attain personal mastery for development and growth, you need to trust that you can undergo the process and commit yourself to the process.

When developing self-confidence through personal mastery, we would have to develop some characteristics.

We would develop self awareness, which is about our readiness to look at our past, accept it and the same goes for the present.

Aside from this, we also develop self-knowledge which is about understanding our past and our attitude.

Not only should we understand them but also be able to comprehend the basis for such attitude or experience.

Last, we develop self-discipline.  Self-discipline is about how we make sure that our goals and vision are translated into action and are achieved.

We need self-discipline to make sure that we do not back out just because of simple and little disappointments and setbacks.


Building self-confidence can’t be done on just a snap. Self-improvement is a never-ending process.

Self-improvement is a lifelong commitment. Sometimes, we can only say that we are fully masterful of our life if we have reached our dreams and goals.

Improving our confidence can help with growth and eventually with success. We just need to continue with our dreams and be patient and so always “standout tall and be counted.