First Update on Web Improvement

In the last article I promised to improve visitor experience. Well, I have just started doing that.

I have been going through many SEO tools to help me determine visitor experience on my site.

Well, one thing I noticed is that my site is a little on the slower side according to Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

The current speed as can be seen from the picture above is 88%. Before my tweaking it was 73% not a significant jump but there is movement.

I guess that to take it to the next level I may need to have a dedicated hosting plan rather than a shared one.

However, for now I really have no issue with my hosting company with regard to services, most of the issues I have are self made.

Yet, the only thing I did was to optimise my site by adding a few lines in my .htaccess file. My target is to reach the 90% – 100% bracket.

Google PageSpeed Insights is a fantastic tool and best of all its free. It is also a product of Google.

I guess the best things in life are free. I highly recommend it if you are a web developer.

I have decided that I will have to forgo some of the web monitoring tools and stick with the good old faithful google and bing tools.

I think these tools are good enough for web performance monitoring.

In the coming weeks there will be more improvement in terms of speed.

I think for a long time I have not paid particular attention to improving visitor experience on my site.

This challenge is already an eye opener because am already spending more time on the sight and noticing a lot of things that need my attention.

This is exciting and can only help me improve even more. Since I use word press I will also remove all unnecessary plugins and all unused themes.

Apparently I thought the size of my pictures were to big but they are one of the few items that passed the site audit.

So I will not be touching this aspect of the site. However, I will be removing pictures that are redundant. Pictures that are not needed.

I will also be constantly checking for broken links. Thanks to wordpress you can find some plugins for site improvements.

Some improvements will take a little longer as I need to research and ensure that am doing the right things.

Those things that need to be changed right away will be done immediately after this post.

I hope to share with you most of the changes that I will undertake. I will also be grateful if you could send me suggestions on what you would want changed or improved on this site.

You can leave a message using the contact me form. This site is meant to help you and I achieve our personal development goals.

I write these articles to help you get motivated and encouraged to live your life to the fullest.

You will be amazed that these articles, also help me improve my self.

When I sit down and read through the site am impressed with the amount of articles already hosted on the site.

I hope am not blowing my own trumpet but, hey so far am proud of my self. I thank God for the grace and wisdom.


There will be more updates coming in the next few weeks or months regarding the status of this website. For now back to work and learn more web improvement technics. There is much to be learned in the world of SEO.